Package toolbox

Class Summary
Cache A hashtable caching up to maxCapacity amount of arbitrary objects.
ConvenientHashtable A wrapper around the java.util.Hashtable which allows to use 'int' and 'double' as keys.
ConvertXTrackState Convert XTrack .state actor trajectories into Motris .xml actor parameters
DoubleArray A resizable array of double values (like a Vector for doubles but faster)
Eigenvalue Computes Eigenvalues for symmetric 3x3 matrices using householder transformation.
IntArray A resizable array of integers (like a Vector for ints but faster)
Logger Log Strings into a file
MathFormatter Format mathematical entities (scalars, arrays, matrices) into formats readable by humans or external programs
MotrisMath Additional mathematical functions
MotrisStats Generate and print various runtime statistics
NonZeroStartingArray Resizable array of double values starting at a non-zero offset (saves memory)
StringHelpers Helper functions for strings.