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Packages that use DoubleArray

Uses of DoubleArray in motris

Methods in motris that return DoubleArray
 DoubleArray SceneDescription.findVisibleIntersections(double startX, double startY, double endX, double endY)

Uses of DoubleArray in motris.algorithm.emcontour

Methods in motris.algorithm.emcontour with parameters of type DoubleArray
 boolean ModelSegmentPoint.setPosition(double intervalPos, ImageEdge _onEdge, Double2Vector _modelSegmentNormal, Double4Vector tmp, DoubleArray intersections, double[] tmp2)
          Set Position of ModelSegment point

Uses of DoubleArray in motris.model

Methods in motris.model with parameters of type DoubleArray
 void ImageGeometry.findVisibleIntersections(double startX, double startY, double endX, double endY, DoubleArray target, double[] tmp)

Uses of DoubleArray in toolbox

Fields in toolbox declared as DoubleArray
(package private) static DoubleArray ConvertXTrackState.xpos
(package private) static DoubleArray ConvertXTrackState.ypos
(package private) static DoubleArray ConvertXTrackState.theta
(package private) static DoubleArray ConvertXTrackState.velo
(package private) static DoubleArray ConvertXTrackState.psi
(package private) static DoubleArray ConvertXTrackState.res
(package private) static DoubleArray ConvertXTrackState.maxm