Package parameter

Interface Summary
ParameterizedObject Represents an Object that publishes its parameters via get/set functions and allows other objects to get notified if its properties change.
ParameterizedObject.ParameterChangedListener Callback interface to notify dependent objects that is ParameterizedObject has changed
ParameterizedObject.ParameterizedObjectManager FileHistory uses this interface for callback

Class Summary
Parameter A general-purpose Algorithm parameter specified by a id, name, type, unit and value.
ParameterizedObjectAdaptor Convenience class for parameterized, named objects with the add/remove/fireParameterChanged functionality implemented
ParameterSet A searchable, loadable, saveable, hierarchially aggregatable list of Parameters
ParameterViewController A User Dialog for display and modification of ParameterSets.
ParameterXMLHandler SAX Handler for reading ParameterSets from XML files