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Uses of ParameterizedObject in motris

Classes in motris that implement ParameterizedObject
 class LayerList
          Maintains a list of all display layers.
 class ScriptInterpreter
          Execute Motris Scripts specifying experiment runs.

Methods in motris with parameters of type ParameterizedObject
 void SceneDescription.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)
 void LayerList.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)

Uses of ParameterizedObject in motris.algorithm

Classes in motris.algorithm that implement ParameterizedObject
 class Algorithm
          Base class for all algorithms contained in AlgorithmFactory
 class AlgorithmFactory
          Manages algorithms by providing functions for their creation, access and parameterization.
 class AlgorithmFactory.DefaultActorParameters
 class Derivative
          Computes Images Derivatives by 3-dimensional gaussian convolution
 class EdgeElement
          Computes edge elements
 class EdgeElementAdaption
          Maps Edge Elements to Projected Model Segments.
 class EdgeElementAdaptionNative
 class MaskComputation
          Computes masks for convolution and integration on interlaced images.
 class ObjectShapeEstimator
          Estimates Object Shape (Geometric Model) by fitting different alternatives
 class OFAdaption
          Adapt 3D model on the basis of Optical Flow (OF) and expected displacement rate of its projection on the image plane
 class OFEAdaption
          A combination of OF and EE adaption (currently ONLY working for Vehicle tracking!!).
 class OpticalFlow
          Computes optical flow.
 class Tracker
          Tracks actors with the supplied algorithms and parameters

Uses of ParameterizedObject in motris.algorithm.emcontour

Classes in motris.algorithm.emcontour that implement ParameterizedObject
 class EMContourMinimizer
          Implementation of the EM Contour Algorithm first introduced by Arthur E.C.
 class GrayValueDistribution
          Encapsulates a pdf with a finite set of events.
 class GrayValueGaussianDistribution
 class GrayValueLaplaceDistribution
          Generalized Laplacian pdf P(i) = exp(- (i /lambda) ^ beta
 class GrayValueLinearDistribution
 class GrayValueUniformDistribution
private  class ModelSegmentPointList.MeasurePointLayer
 class ModelSegmentPointList.ModelSegmentPointLayer
 class ModelSegmentPointList.nuHatPointLayer
 class ModelSegmentPointList.partialMuPartialStateLayer

Methods in motris.algorithm.emcontour with parameters of type ParameterizedObject
 void EMContourMinimizer.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)

Uses of ParameterizedObject in

Classes in that implement ParameterizedObject
 class ImageSequenceData
          Describes the properties of an image sequence (storage location, camera calibration, interlacing etc).

Uses of ParameterizedObject in motris.gui

Subinterfaces of ParameterizedObject in motris.gui
 interface Layer
          Superclass of all Display Layers used for visualization

Classes in motris.gui that implement ParameterizedObject
 class ColorizedLayer
          Display Layer with a default color
 class DerivativeLayer
          Display Layer for Derivative Images
 class DisplacementRateDisplayLayer
          Display layer for Point Displacement Rate used in the OF Adaption algorithm
 class EdgeElementAssignmentLayer
          Display Layer for Edge Element Assigments
 class EdgeElementView
          Display Layer for visualization of Edge Elements
 class ImageView
          Display Layer showing the Background Layer
private  class LayerViewer.BackgroundColorLayer
 class LayerViewer.PixelDetailsEmitter
 class ModelView.ActorNameLayer
 class ModelView.ModelViewEdgeLayer
 class ModelView.ModelViewShadowLayer
 class ModelView.PolygonLayer
 class ModelView.TrajectoryLayer
 class OpticalFlowDisplayLayer
          Display Layer for computed Optical Flow
 class StreetSurfaceLayer
          Display Layer showing the location of the global coordinate origin along its orientation and scaling
 class VectorFieldLayer
          Abstract Display Layer for the visualization of Data that contains a 3-d vector at each pixel

Fields in motris.gui declared as ParameterizedObject
private  ParameterizedObject FileHistory.forObject

Methods in motris.gui with parameters of type ParameterizedObject
 void LayerViewer.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)
 void LayerController.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)
 void ImageView.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)
 void FileHistory.setParameterizedObject(ParameterizedObject _forObject)
 void DisplayController.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)
 void ActorController.FindActorAction.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)

Constructors in motris.gui with parameters of type ParameterizedObject
FileHistory(java.lang.String _menuName, ParameterizedObject _forObject, ParameterizedObject.ParameterizedObjectManager _notifyObj, SceneDescription _scene, boolean _showLoadMenuItem, boolean _showEditMenuItem, boolean _showSaveMenuItem)

Uses of ParameterizedObject in motris.main

Classes in motris.main that implement ParameterizedObject
 class DOFMatrix
          Matrix that supports compting its derivative (with respect to a varying amount of FreeParameters specified during its creation)
 class GaussNewton
          Implements the Gauss-Newton method for minimizing non-linear Problems
 class GaussNewton2
 class LevenbergMarquardt
          Levenberg-Marquardt extension to the Gauss-Newton minimizer
 class Minimizer
          Base class for algorithms that minimize MinimizationProblems

Uses of ParameterizedObject in motris.model

Classes in motris.model that implement ParameterizedObject
 class Actor
          Represents a 3-dimensional, trackable model
 class CarDynamicModelPece
          Dynamical Model introduced by Arthur E.C.
 class CarState
          Actor state that is specific for vehicles (because of the weird state vector there)
 class GeneralizedCone
 class GenericState
 class GenericVolumeRepresentation
          Represents a generic model consisting of parameters vertices defined in the terms of these parameters polygons defined between vertices and edges defined between vertices.
 class RigidDynamicModel
          Simple dynamic model used in humans for instance
 class RigidModel
          Rigid (ie unchangable, with no free size parameters) Model used to hiearchially build complex models such as humans.
 class State
          Abstract class representing the State of an Actor.
 class VolumeRepresentation
          Represents a volume in 3d space and allows to write its properties (visible edges, occluding polygons and shadows) to be written into SceneGeometry.

Methods in motris.model with parameters of type ParameterizedObject
 void Actor.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)

Uses of ParameterizedObject in parameter

Classes in parameter that implement ParameterizedObject
 class ParameterizedObjectAdaptor
          Convenience class for parameterized, named objects with the add/remove/fireParameterChanged functionality implemented

Fields in parameter declared as ParameterizedObject
private  ParameterizedObject ParameterViewController.paramObject

Methods in parameter with parameters of type ParameterizedObject
private  void ParameterViewController.init(ParameterizedObject _p, SceneDescription _scene)
private  javax.swing.JSplitPane ParameterViewController.createParamPanel(ParameterizedObject _p)
          Create a JPanel for a Parameterized Object
 void ParameterViewController.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)
 void ParameterizedObject.ParameterChangedListener.parameterChanged(ParameterizedObject source)

Constructors in parameter with parameters of type ParameterizedObject
ParameterViewController(ParameterizedObject _p, boolean _readOnly)
ParameterViewController(ParameterizedObject _p, SceneDescription _scene)

Uses of ParameterizedObject in toolbox

Classes in toolbox that implement ParameterizedObject
 class Logger
          Log Strings into a file