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Uses of SceneVertex in motris.model

Subclasses of SceneVertex in motris.model
static class ShadowHull.ShadowHullVertex
          Helper class encapsulating point with its connections in a graph

Fields in motris.model declared as SceneVertex
 SceneVertex SceneEdge.start
 SceneVertex SceneEdge.end
 SceneVertex[] Convex3DPolygon.vertices
          Vertices with (cw or ccw ordered) border points of this Polygon.

Constructors in motris.model with parameters of type SceneVertex
SceneEdge(SceneVertex _start, SceneVertex _end, VolumeRepresentation _parent)
SceneEdge(SceneVertex _start, SceneVertex _end, java.lang.String _name, VolumeRepresentation _parent)