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Uses of Actor in motris

Fields in motris declared as Actor
private  Actor

Methods in motris that return Actor
 Actor SceneDescription.getActorVisibleAt(double posX, double posY, boolean noOcclusionCheck, boolean[] shadowVisible)
          Determine, which actor is visible at a certain image position.

Methods in motris with parameters of type Actor
 void SceneDescription.addActor(Actor _actor, java.lang.String groupName)
 boolean SceneDescription.removeActor(Actor _actor)

Uses of Actor in motris.algorithm

Fields in motris.algorithm declared as Actor
private  Actor Tracker.myActor
(package private)  Actor OFAdaption.myActor
private  Actor
private  Actor EdgeElementAdaption.myActor

Methods in motris.algorithm with parameters of type Actor
 Tracker AlgorithmFactory.getTrackingAlgorithm(Actor forActor)
          Get the Tracking Algorithm associated with an actor
 void AlgorithmFactory.setTrackingAlgorithm(Tracker algo, Actor forActor)
 boolean AlgorithmFactory.removeTrackingAlgorithm(Actor forActor)

Constructors in motris.algorithm with parameters of type Actor
ObjectShapeEstimator(java.lang.String _ident, java.lang.String _name, Actor _actor, Tracker _tracker)

Uses of Actor in motris.algorithm.emcontour

Fields in motris.algorithm.emcontour declared as Actor
(package private)  Actor

Uses of Actor in motris.gui

Fields in motris.gui declared as Actor
(package private)  Actor ActorController.FindActorAction.lastActiveActor

Methods in motris.gui that return Actor
 Actor[] ActorController.getSelectedActors()
 Actor ActorController.AddActorAction.addActor(ParameterSet additionalParams, java.lang.String fullFileName)
          create actor using the default Actor Parameters from AlgorithmFactory and the additional ones supplied here

Methods in motris.gui with parameters of type Actor
 void TrackingController.PredictActorAction.predictActor(Actor[] actors, int deltaFrames, boolean alsoFirstVisibleActors)
 boolean ActorController.selectActor(Actor actor)
 void ActorController.RemoveActorAction.removeActors(Actor[] actors)