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Packages that use MinimizationProblem

Uses of MinimizationProblem in motris.algorithm

Classes in motris.algorithm that implement MinimizationProblem
 class EdgeElementAdaption
          Maps Edge Elements to Projected Model Segments.
 class EdgeElementAdaptionNative
 class OFAdaption
          Adapt 3D model on the basis of Optical Flow (OF) and expected displacement rate of its projection on the image plane
 class OFEAdaption
          A combination of OF and EE adaption (currently ONLY working for Vehicle tracking!!).

Fields in motris.algorithm declared as MinimizationProblem
private  MinimizationProblem[] Tracker.availableAlgorithms
private  MinimizationProblem Tracker.minimize

Uses of MinimizationProblem in motris.algorithm.emcontour

Classes in motris.algorithm.emcontour that implement MinimizationProblem
 class EMContourMinimizer
          Implementation of the EM Contour Algorithm first introduced by Arthur E.C.

Uses of MinimizationProblem in motris.main

Methods in motris.main with parameters of type MinimizationProblem
 boolean Minimizer.minimize(MinimizationProblem P, LayerViewer layerViewer)
 boolean LevenbergMarquardt.minimize(MinimizationProblem P, LayerViewer layerViewer)
 boolean GaussNewton2.minimize(MinimizationProblem P, LayerViewer layerViewer)
 boolean GaussNewton.minimize(MinimizationProblem P, LayerViewer layerViewer)