Package motris.gui

Interface Summary
Layer Superclass of all Display Layers used for visualization

Class Summary
ActorController Toolbar with Action classes for manipulating Actors
ActorLister Dialog for listing Actors in Groups for side-by-side comparison of multiple experiments
ColorizedLayer Display Layer with a default color
DerivativeLayer Display Layer for Derivative Images
DisplacementRateDisplayLayer Display layer for Point Displacement Rate used in the OF Adaption algorithm
DisplayController Toolbar including Actions for manipulation of Display settings
DropDownAction AbstractAction class that includes a Drop-Down menu for advanced options
DropDownButton Extended JToggleButton that displays DropDown Menus if the Action supplied in the constructor supports it.
EdgeElementAssignmentLayer Display Layer for Edge Element Assigments
EdgeElementView Display Layer for visualization of Edge Elements
ExperimentSetViewController Contains main window of the program, which allows to run scripted or interactive experiments
ExperimentViewController Main frame for controlling and displaying an experiment
FileHistory Provide a file history mechanism for the File menu of a parent frame).
GuiPrinter Exports a Swing Container (ie the main window) to lots of bitmap and vector formats
ImageSequenceController Toolbar with supporting Action classes for manipulating the ImageSequence settings (especially the current frame number)
ImageView Display Layer showing the Background Layer
LayerController Toolbar and supporting Action classes for showing and manipulating the list of visible Display Layers
LayerViewer A canvas to paint the selected DisplayLayers in the right order and clipping/zoom settings
ModelView Contains display layers for viewing actor information (visible and invisible edges, shadows, vertices, polygons, actor trajectories and actor names)
OpticalFlowDisplayLayer Display Layer for computed Optical Flow
SimpleFileFilter A convenience implementation of FileFilter that filters out all files except for those type extensions that it knows about.
StreetSurfaceLayer Display Layer showing the location of the global coordinate origin along its orientation and scaling
ToolBarLayout LayoutManager for Motris Toolbars
TrackingController Toolbar and supporting action classes for tracking actors and manipulating their settings
VectorFieldLayer Abstract Display Layer for the visualization of Data that contains a 3-d vector at each pixel