Uses of Interface

Packages that use Layer

Uses of Layer in motris

Methods in motris that return Layer
 Layer LayerList.getLayer(int index)

Methods in motris with parameters of type Layer
 void LayerList.addDisplayLayer(Layer _l, int position, boolean visible, boolean fireParameterChanged)
          Register new Layer to be displayed
 boolean LayerList.removeDisplayLayer(Layer _l)

Uses of Layer in motris.algorithm.emcontour

Classes in motris.algorithm.emcontour that implement Layer
private  class ModelSegmentPointList.MeasurePointLayer
 class ModelSegmentPointList.ModelSegmentPointLayer
 class ModelSegmentPointList.nuHatPointLayer
 class ModelSegmentPointList.partialMuPartialStateLayer

Uses of Layer in motris.gui

Classes in motris.gui that implement Layer
 class ColorizedLayer
          Display Layer with a default color
 class DerivativeLayer
          Display Layer for Derivative Images
 class DisplacementRateDisplayLayer
          Display layer for Point Displacement Rate used in the OF Adaption algorithm
 class EdgeElementAssignmentLayer
          Display Layer for Edge Element Assigments
 class EdgeElementView
          Display Layer for visualization of Edge Elements
 class ImageView
          Display Layer showing the Background Layer
private  class LayerViewer.BackgroundColorLayer
 class ModelView.ActorNameLayer
 class ModelView.ModelViewEdgeLayer
 class ModelView.ModelViewShadowLayer
 class ModelView.PolygonLayer
 class ModelView.TrajectoryLayer
 class OpticalFlowDisplayLayer
          Display Layer for computed Optical Flow
 class StreetSurfaceLayer
          Display Layer showing the location of the global coordinate origin along its orientation and scaling
 class VectorFieldLayer
          Abstract Display Layer for the visualization of Data that contains a 3-d vector at each pixel