Interface Summary

Class Summary
DataManager Manages (creates, loads, saves and caches) image-related data, i.e.
DerivativeImage Image containing the derivative of an Image (x,y, and t derivative).
Description Superclass for the description of instances of a class.
GrayImage An image with grayvalues from 0 to 255
ImageReader Superclass for reading images from Files - currently, this includes all SUN Jimi file types, pgm and pm files and gzip compression
ImageSequenceData Describes the properties of an image sequence (storage location, camera calibration, interlacing etc).
Mask1D Mask used for (possibly interlaced) 1-dimensional convolution
Mask2D Mask used for (possibly interlaced) 2-dimensional convolution
MotrisImage Abstract superclass of all Motris image data types
OFImage Optical Flow Image containing a 3-dimensional direction vector at each pixel
OFImageWithClassification OF Image including GST classification according to Markus Middendorf
PGMImageReader This class loads .pgm Images into Motris GrayImages
PMImageReader This class loads .pm Images into Motris GrayImages