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Uses of OFImage in motris.algorithm

Fields in motris.algorithm declared as OFImage
(package private)  OFImage OFAdaption.ofImage
(package private)  OFImage OFAdaption.displacementImage

Methods in motris.algorithm that return OFImage
 OFImage OpticalFlow.calculate(int frame)
 OFImage OpticalFlow.calculate(int bildnummer, int offset_x_gegeben, int offset_y_gegeben, int breite_gegeben, int hoehe_gegeben, boolean computeRescaleFactors)
 OFImage OFAdaption.getExpectedDisplacementImage()

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 class OFImageWithClassification
          OF Image including GST classification according to Markus Middendorf

Methods in that return OFImage
static OFImage OFImage.load(java.lang.String filename)
 OFImage DataManager.getOFImage(int time)

Uses of OFImage in motris.gui

Fields in motris.gui declared as OFImage
private  OFImage OpticalFlowDisplayLayer.ofImage
private  OFImage DisplacementRateDisplayLayer.bufferedImage