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VISDOM - Visually Servoed Dismantling Operations on Used Cars

[Dismantling operation]
Dismantling operation in the engine compartment of a used car

[Dismantling two blocks] [Loosening screws] [Gripping upper block]

Dismantling two blocks

Loosening screws

Gripping upper block

[Controlling the gripper] [Gripping the battery] [Tracking battery and gripper]

Controlling the gripper

Gripping the battery

Tracking battery and gripper

The Name

VISDOM is an acronym standing for

Operations of used
Mobile vehicles


VISDOM is a program system created for dismantling tasks. These tasks are controlled by machine vision using tracking processes in the 3D scene domain. For a detailed description of the tracking and the controlling processes see [Tonko 97] and other literature on our publication page.

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VISDOM can not only operate in a relatively simple laboratory scene, where two blocks have to be dismantled by loosening two fixing screws, but in addition also in a much more complex scene, namely in the engine compartment of a used car, where car parts like the battery have to be gripped by a dismantling robot and moved out of the engine compartment.

As an additional application, the automatic localization and tracking of ship parts is examined in the scope of the VIGOR project. A video sequence showing a mockup tracked real-time can be found at http://i21www.ira.uka.de/visdom/tracking.html.


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