Institut für Algorithmen und Kognitive Systeme

(Group Prof. Dr. H.-H. Nagel)

Technical Notes

The download files are zip-packages containing a sequence of GIF-images or PPM-images.
After downloading the file <name>.zip to your system, simply unpack the files by typing unzip <name>
The zip-software-package should be available for most platforms, see Info-Zip.
The images of a sequence are numbered consecutively.
Each image represents a full-frame consisting of two interlaced halfframe-fields (evenrows contain the first and odd rows the second field).
All GIF-images and PM images are 8 Bit gray-value images. All PPM-images are 24 Bit color images.

Camera projection data in the file proj.dat which uses the following format:

tx ty tz	# Translation vector Global <---> Camera Coordinates
r11 r12 r13	# \
r21 r22 r23	#  > 3x3 Rotation Matrix Global <---> Camera
r31 r32 r33	# /
fx		# Focal length x-direction (pixels)
fy		# Focal length y-direction (pixels, usually 4/3 * fx)
x0		# Image Center X (pixels)
y0		# Image Center Y (pixels)
1		# Sharp shadows visible (1=true, 0=false)
phi		# Azimut angle for shadow
theta		# Polar angle for shadow