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[DARVIN Experimental vehicle]

DARVIN - Experimental Results


Several experiments were conducted under real-time conditions. The vehicle ego-motion was estimated by fitting a scene domain model to binocular camera images. Please refer to the conference proceedings for further details.
The following maneuvers were performed autonomously by the experimental vehicle:

[Full size image] [Full size image] [Full size image] [Full size image]
One left turn (6.3 MB) One right turn (5.8 MB) Three left turns (10.4 MB) Three right turns (18.9 MB)

The model construction process, the system structure, and the experimental results were presented at the Intelligent Vehicles Symposium in Dearborn/MI on 4 October 2000.

You can download and view the presentation. Run or unzip folien.exe (46 MB self-extracting) and follow the instructions in the file README.TXT
[Download presentation]

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