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[DARVIN Experimental vehicle]
Third Generation Experimental Vehicle DARVIN
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Side View Interior Engine Compartment Computers

The Name

DARVIN is a short term for
Assistance using
Vision for
INnercity areas


DARVIN represents the third generation experimental platform for machine-vision-based road vehicle control. Its equipment has been designed for the development end experimental verification of algorithmic driver assistance in urban traffic. The project is funded by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and managed by Prof. Nagel.
  • Model based intersection tracking
  • Model based vehicle tracking
  • Traffic situation analysis and conceptual description
  • Driver assistance by spoken recommendations and supporting vehicle control
  • Support for handicapped drivers
A more detailed project description is available in english and in german.

Results on vision-based driver assistance based on automatically generated intersection models have been presented at the Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2000 in Dearborn/MI.

Computer Control of

  • Hydraulic steering system
  • Brake system
  • Throttle system
  • Gear change system
  • Light, blink signal control
These systems can be operated by the computer and manual operation by the driver can be detected.


  • Vehicle: Volkswagen Passat Variant GL (1996)
  • Computers:
    • 2 x Dual-PentiumII-300Mhz
    • 2 x PentiumI-233MHz
    • Flat TFT Monitor
    • Fast Ethernet coupled
  • Stereo CCD-Camera setup
  • Steering angle sensor
  • GMR (magneto-resistive) wheel sensors
The equipment was mainly installed by Haag Rehatechnik, Östringen.The GMR sensors were kindly donated by Robert Bosch GmbH

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